Light purple Bachelor's Buttons flowers shining in a field with sunshine

Planting Edible Flowers in the Toddler-Friendly Garden

  Hello, friends! It’s almost officially summer! In our family, that means starting to putter around in the garden. Our garden has four zones: a...

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A small pea plant sprouts from the soil

Books We Love: In the Garden

  Is there anything more inspiring than gardening with your kids? Watching them dig, water, plant, harvest, and — of course — get very, very...

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Preschooler playing with blocks on the floor, leaning against a floor bed with Oolie Base and Bolster

Floor Beds 101

Have you ever considered a floor bed for your young child? As an alternative to cribs and “big kid beds,” floor beds allow young children...

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A girl lying down on a bed with soft sheets

The Best Sheets

Did we mention that our sheets are the best? What does that even mean? What makes a sheet “the best”?  Sheets come in many fabrics,...

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Toddler leaning over a crate filled with books and magazines, surrounded by green houseplants

How Reading Together Eases Bedtime + One Book We Love

Effective bedtime routines typically have three elements in common: Ample time for children to settle their bodies from the energy of the day Opportunities for...

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Sprouts just emerging from the soil in a small pot

Oolie’s 2021 Benefit Report

What is a benefit company? Oolie Inc is registered with the state of Oregon as a benefit company. That means we structure our business activities...

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Small child in a field of wheat, framed by mountains

Invest in Our Children This Earth Month

The theme of 2022's Earth month is Invest in Our Planet. To me, as a first-time mom of a 2-year-old, that also means Investing in...

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A lit candle glowing warmly on a wooden table top next to some dried flowers

Light a Candle for Peace…

Singing and ritual can bring comfort and feelings of connection in times of uncertainty, fear, and upheaval, to both our children and ourselves. In some...

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The Importance of a Good Night’s Sleep for Babies and Toddlers

Sleeping is vital for all of us. For our children, it’s necessary to support their emotional and physical development. For us grown-ups it’s one of...

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