Certified B Corp

Photography of a baby girl grinning and laughing, with the Oolie logo and a symbol representing Certified B Corporation

We are proud to be a Certified B Corp, having met the highest standards of social and ecological responsibility.

Read our blog post announcing our B Corp certification.

Our B Corp status means we have formally committed to doing good for all stakeholders, meaning not just customers, but also our suppliers, our vendors, and manufacturing partners.

We also formally commit to continuous improvement, which nicely complements our love of growth mindset.

The Certified B Corporation logo, along with the statement This company is committed to accountability, transparency, and continuous improvement.

You see, to remain a B Corp, we have to continue to do better; we have to grow our positive impact year over year. B Corps that don’t continue to improve don’t get to stay B Corps. 😅

Areas of Impact

As such, we formally commit to improving company impact across five areas:

  1. Workers
  2. Environment
  3. Customers
  4. Community
  5. Governance

A diagram illustrating the five B Corp impact areas: Workers, Environment, Customers, Community, and Governance, with each impact area arranged in a circle with Certified B Corp at center

B Corps earn points for their commitments, practices, and impact across all five areas. The more positive impact, the more points you earn. You can explore Oolie’s impact scores on our public B Corp profile

Positive Impact is Personal

Social and environmental impact is very personal for us.

We want our children to grow up around adults who actively consider their impact on others and navigate their relationships with intention.

We want our kids learning from adults who normalize caring for others by respecting our shared biosphere — the Earth.

Did you know that “eco” in “ecology” comes from the Greek “oikos,” meaning “home”?

As parents, we focus on creating and maintaining a safe and nurturing home in which our children can grow and thrive. As business owners, we feel an enormous responsibility to care for our shared home, planet Earth — so all children and all families can grow and thrive, safely and sustainably.

Thank you for being part of our shared journey.

What’s next?