Better Sleep in Less Than a Week: A Free 5-Day Email Course

Everyone deserves restful and restorative sleep — but for parents with infants or young children, that can feel like an impossible dream!

As parents, we work so hard to help our kids sleep that we may overlook our own parental need for rest.

In this free, 5-day course, you’ll take simple steps to help you get the sleep you deserve.


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“As parent to a baby and a 5-year-old, it’s been hard for me to get consistent, restful sleep. I loved the exercises in Oolie’s course, and I learned techniques I now use daily to fall asleep faster and get better rest every night. I bookmarked my favorite audio lessons, and I revisit them whenever I’m particularly stressed or having trouble sleeping.”

—Harsh G.

5 Daily Lessons + Activities

Each day, we’ll email you a brief lesson and an interactive activity.

  • Day 1: Identify your sleep vulnerabilities
  • Day 2: Optimize your biology for sleep
  • Day 3: Curate your sleep space
  • Day 4: Change your mind
  • Day 5: Rest and digest

Day 1: Identify your sleep vulnerabilities

We’ll start with a quiz to identify your specific sleep challenges and areas of vulnerability. We’ll generate a personalized sleep profile just for you. Learning more about what’s not working will help us know where to focus our efforts to get your sleep back on track.

Day 2: Optimize your biology for sleep

We’ll identify what’s happening with your body’s internal clock. We’ll introduce the concepts of sleep drive and sleep efficiency, and we’ll learn why they matter for your sleep. We’ll give you a copy of our sleep log and efficiency worksheet, and you’ll learn how to measure your sleep.

Day 3: Curate your sleep space

Time to focus on curating your sleep space and intentionally designing a sensory-driven environment to best support your sleep. We’ll introduce the concept of stimulus control and see how where you sleep matters.

Day 4: Change your mind

Together, we’ll examine any of your beliefs about sleep that may be getting in the way. We’ll use cognitive strategies to name and challenge any thoughts and beliefs that are no longer serving you. You’ll map them out with our worksheet, getting those beliefs out of your head and onto a piece of paper. (It’s much simpler to examine beliefs once they are written down, and not just swirling around in your mind!)

Day 5: Rest and digest

Coming back to the body, we’ll use body-centered techniques to induce relaxation and reduce tension. We’ll use three guided relaxation activities to learn and practice these techniques together.


By the end of this 5-day course, you will:

  • increase your self-knowledge related to your sleep patterns
  • understand the biological underpinnings of solid sleep
  • practice concrete skills to increase awareness of your body and induce relaxation
  • shift your perspective, forming a new relationship with sleep

“The sleep course guided me to understand why staying asleep is challenging for me, to become aware of how non-sleeping activities in bed can impact sleep patterns, and to learn simple steps that can make my sleep support my well-being and health. The course is presented with great compassion and gentleness.  Highly recommend it!”

—Katie H.

About the Presenter

Nora Murray is a clinical psychologist with extensive training and experience treating insomnia. She also has years of lived experience as a mom to three sleep-challenged children. Eight years of interrupted sleep due to pregnancy, nursing, and mid-night childcare was her impetus for founding Oolie, to help other families get more restful and restorative sleep.

Nora is a practicing clinical psychologist, and the materials and information presented here are based on her professional knowledge, training, and experience. Participating in this course does not constitute a patient-doctor relationship.