Girl reading in bed, snuggled against an Oolie Base

The Oolie Story

I created Oolie to improve sleep for families with small children.

As a mother of three “active” sleepers, I know how difficult sleep challenges can be — and also how transformative it is to improve your family’s sleep.

After the birth of my third child, I was so very tired and desperate for solutions.

I sat down at my sewing machine, and the first thing I created was the Oolie Nest, a snuggly alternative to traditional bed rails that allowed my children to develop independent sleep habits in a way that was both safe and cozy.

Three children reading together on an early prototype of the Oolie Nest

My three kids reading together in an early Nest prototype

Not only did my toddler stay in his own bed all night long for the first time (😮), but all three kids had an immediate emotional connection to the Nest. My older two called out, “Mom, I want an Oolie! I want an Oolie!”

A cozier space is more conducive to sleep — but it also just feels better.

Soon after, I developed the Shoosh, a modern door silencer and safety bumper that solved our problem of door noises (and pinched fingers).

Oolie Shoosh door silencer and safety bumper protecting a toddler's fingers from being pinched in the door

Testing one of the first Shooshes for safety with toddler fingers

Together, the Nest and the Shoosh transformed our nightly routines from torturous to manageable and, eventually, even enjoyable. (Imagine that!)

Having met many other families with their own sleep struggles, I committed myself to sharing these transformative solutions with others.

Thus, Oolie was born.

With Oolie, I set out to help families in three specific ways:

  • To introduce novel products like the Shoosh and Nest to support sleep
  • To create beautiful and functional bedding to improve sleep spaces
  • To provide information, community, and connection around sleep challenges

To that last point:

The hardest part about sleep challenges is that they happen in private — at home, in the middle of the night. It’s normal to feel alone, and isolated, in those hardest moments.

While I do get excited about beautiful, organic sheets, truly the most important thing we can do is check in with each other. Connection counters isolation; when we’re connected, safe, and comfortable, everything else is easier.

Nora Murray— Nora Murray, Founder & CEO

Our Products

Our products are designed to support your family’s best sleep, on versatile, beautiful bedding. All of our bedding is chemical-free and soft enough for your kiddos, yet refined enough to use in your grown-up bedroom. Our earth-inspired, muted palette echoes the beauty of the earth we love, bringing soothing hues to the places where we rest.

GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) logoOur bedding is GOTS-certified, meaning it is made with the highest quality organic and eco-friendly materials, by people who are paid a living wage and treated with respect. Our fabrics come from plants grown without harmful toxins and are processed without dangerous chemicals. We only use earth-friendly, AZO-free dyes.

Our cotton is grown by organic farmers who care for the land, cultivating not only the highest quality plants but a connection between communities and the land that sustains them as well.

Our bedding is produced by skilled artisans who are regarded with respect and appreciation. We partner with manufacturers who share our values and commitment to social and ecologically responsible business practices.

Our GOTS certification and ethical sourcing practices complement our B Corp Certification, affirming our commitment to continuous improvement and positive impact.