Photograph of a heart shape produced by an arrangement of flowers in a rainbow pattern representing Pride month celebration

Three Inclusive Books We Always Love (but Especially During Pride)

Happy Pride Month! We thought it would be fun to share three of our favorite children’s books with themes of inclusion, beauty, and love.

Julian is a Mermaid

The front cover of the book "Julián is a Mermaid" against a white backdrop

An interior spread from the book "Julián is a Mermaid," showing Julián dressed as a mermaid and gazing out an open window

Julián is a Mermaid is near the top of our reading list — and not just during Pride. Jessica Love’s first book is absolute perfection. With very few words, Love’s superlative illustrations tell the story of Julián’s chance encounter with mermaids on the subway, which lead to fantastical daydreams, some dress-up, and loving kindness from his abuela.

To read Julián is to spend a gorgeous and magical afternoon swimming around until you ultimately find yourself. (The follow-up Julián at the Wedding is pretty spectacular, too.)

Bodies are Cool

The front cover of the book "Bodies Are Cool" against a white backdrop

An interior spread from the book "Bodies Are Cool," showing lots of people with all different body shapes, colors, and sizes splashing and swimming in a pool

Bodies Are Cool is a joyful refrain that reminds us there are so many kinds of bodies and that all bodies are cool. In one colorfully vibrant scene after another, Tyler Feder’s second book represents bodies of all different shapes, sizes, colors, abilities and genders pursuing all manner of enjoyable activities. These depictions of such different bodies all having a great time maybe shouldn’t be revolutionary — but they are.

All Kinds of Families

The front cover of the book "All Kinds of Families" against a white backdrop

An interior spread from the book "All Kinds of Families," showing two father chickens sitting with their baby chicks on one page, and on the other, a single mom octopus with her babies

All Kinds of Families, by Suzanne and Max Lang, is a sweet board book for younger kids that uses animal characters to celebrate the many different possible permutations of families.

What are your favorite inclusive children’s books? Post a comment below, or send us a note!

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