A toddler's hands packing Oolie organic cotton crib sheets into a natural, woven basket.

The Conundrum of Mother’s Day + a Self Care Giveaway

Dear friend of Oolie, This May, Oolie and barre3 are giving away two baskets full of Oolie and barre3 x Beyond Yoga products. See how...

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Oolie’s 2022 Benefit Report

Oolie’s 2022 Benefit Report

What is a benefit company? Oolie Inc is registered with the state of Oregon as a benefit company. That means we structure our business activities...

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Photograph of a woman sleeping in bed, tucked into soft, white sheets, with the following text overlaid on the image: Better Sleep in Less Than a Week, and the Oolie logo with heart.

Better Sleep in Less Than a Week: A New Free Course from Oolie

Today, we announce our first, mini-course, Better Sleep in Less Than a Week! Everyone deserves restful and restorative sleep — but for parents with infants or young children,...

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Photograph of natural, unbleached, organic fabrics, folded gently

How We Got Organic Certification

Big news: Oolie got GOTS! You read that correctly. GOTS is the Global Organic Textile Standard, the most stringent certification for organic textile products. We...

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A fabric bin full of Oolie Shoosh door silencer and safety bumpers, with a variety of cord colors.

Oolie’s Collaboration with Portland Garment Factory

In The Shoosh Origin Story, we promised you an inside look at our collaborative process, working with Portland Garment Factory to design and produce the Shoosh,...

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A mom and dad with their young daughter, smiling and laughing together in bed.

Brittany’s Sleep Story: How We Became a Co-sleeping Family

Before having kids, I was definitely that person: the one judging sleep-deprived parents for bringing their children into their bed with them. I swore I...

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A young child gazing out the window, reaching a hand out toward the sunlight and a green field.

2022: Oolie’s First Year

Hello, Friends of Oolie!  2022 has been a big year for us, filled with new learning, creativity, and the ups and downs of launching a...

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A baby sleeping in a crib, with an Oolie Shoosh door silencer installed on a door in the foreground.

Clicks, Slams, and Other Sounds That Wake Baby: The Shoosh Origin Story

Hi, friends! I want to share the story behind why I invented the Shoosh to reduce wake-ups and prevent little fingers from getting pinched. My...

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Five Oolie Shoosh door silencer and safety bumpers, arranged on natural fabrics, showing five different cord accent colors: pink, gold, light blue, deep blue, and gray.

It’s Here! Sleep Better with the Oolie Shoosh

Here at Oolie, we are buzzing with excitement over the launch of our first product: the Shoosh! Over the last several months, we have perfected...

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Flower petals arranged in the shape of a heart on a white plate, resting on a natural wood surface, with a natural blanket nearby

Oolie Loves Love: A Personal Pride Story

Summer is finally upon us! As an LGBTQ+ ally, this is my favorite time of year: Pride Month! Pride Month is a time to celebrate love...

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