Oolie organic baby blankets in five different graphic prints, gently draped on a white background.

NEW Organic Cotton Baby Clothes from Oolie

After months of delays, we are delighted to finally introduce our first collection of organic cotton baby clothes!

    Oolie-Exclusive Prints

    The entire collection is available in either natural (unprinted) or in the four exclusive gender-neutral prints, each one hand-drawn by me:

    Organic Cotton Baby Clothes with Hand-drawn Patterns by Oolie
    Clockwise from top left: 
    • Gold Sprig
    • Runner Ducks
    • Little Peach
    • Schooner

    This prints are so adorable, youll want one of each!

    Organic Cotton Baby Bodysuit

    Okay, first of all, isn’t this the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?

     An Oolie organic cotton onesie with the little peach print, a natural color with tiny, irregular peaches in a repeating pattern.

    Having parented three newborns, I feel qualified to say that the most convenient onesie is a kimono-style onesie. The overlapping front sections keep baby safe and snug, with the easiest possible diaper changes.

    A natural color, Oolie organic cotton onesie, laid flat on a white background, fully unsnapped and with both left and right kimono-style flaps folded open to illustrate the shape of the garment.

    Organic Cotton Baby Hat

    Our baby hat features natural interlock jersey cotton that is snuggly soft and medium weight — warm enough, but not too warm for baby’s head. The adorable top knot finishes off the hat for maximum cuteness!

    An Oolie organic cotton top knot baby hat with the runner ducks print, a natural color with small green and blue ducks in a repeating pattern.

    Organic Baby Blanket

    We think your little ones will love our new baby blanket, which can be used as a receiving blanket or a medium-weight swaddle blanket.

    An Oolie organic cotton baby blanket with the gold sprig print, a natural color with small sprigs of golden berries.


    Why is Organic Cotton Best for Baby Clothing?

    Your newborn will love snuggling into our super-soft organic cotton baby bodysuitsbaby hats, and baby blankets. Naturally, the entire collection is made with 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton.

    Chemical-Free Materials & Manufacturing

    You won't find any harmful chemicals, pesticides, or synthetic dyes here. The entire collection is made from natural, undyed and unbleached cotton. Due to this, there may be some minor variations in color, We're sure you'll appreciate the raw color of the natural cotton fibers as much as we do.

    Perfect for Baby’s Sensitive Skin

    Organic cotton is not only better for the planet, but for baby’s sensitive skin too. Unlike conventional fabrics treated with chemicals, natural fabrics like organic cotton are less likely to irritate baby’s skin or cause allergic reactions.

    Sustainable and Produced Ethically

    We know modern parents like you are environmentally conscious and are always on the hunt for sustainable options when it comes to their baby’s clothing. Not only do we use organic materials, but we also ensure our products are produced in an eco-friendly manner that is ethical, too. Minimizing our environmental impact and conserving natural resources is a top priority, as is ensuring all workers are treated fairly throughout the manufacturing process as well.

    Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and B-Corp Certified

    We get it. There are no shortage of brands that claim to be “organic” or “eco-friendly”, but in reality they are anything but. Unfortunately, the baby clothing industry is no exception. At Oolie, we do things a little differently. Not only are our organic cotton baby clothes GOTS-certified, but we’re also a Certified B Corp and a registered Benefit Corporation in the state of Oregon.

    Baby Clothes Made to Last

    Its true, clothes that are produced ethically from organic materials often come at a premium. However, unlike the fast fashion big names, our clothes are durable and built to last. Your baby can wear these quality pieces over and over again, pass them down to younger siblings, and theyll still look good as new!

    Designed by Parents, for Parents

    We designed this baby collection with you in mind. As a mom myself, I know new and expecting parents prioritize their baby’s health, comfort, and the environment when choosing clothing, crib bedding, and other baby gear to fill their nurseries. 

    We can’t wait for you to try these! Shop the entire organic baby + kids collection here.

    Sleep well,

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