Faces of three cute woodland animals: a fox, a bunny, and a bear, arranged on a speckled paper background in natural colors.

Free Woodland Nursery Prints

Meet our new friends, Fox, Bunny, and Bear! These new woodland-themed nursery prints are gender-neutral and complement any modern nursery — beige baby room, boho aesthetic, or neutral minimalist style. Our shapes and colors evoke a nordic sensibility and complement the soothing vibe of a sustainable nursery.

Three cute nursery prints framed and hanging on a wall over a baby's crib. The prints show: a fox, a bunny, and a bear, each in natural, soft colors.

Each woodland creature was inspired by the personalities of my three kids and hand drawn by me, Nora.

Best of all, we’re sharing these new designs as free downloads — our gift to you!

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Want more like this? Check out the entire collection.

A cute nursery print of a bouquet of flowers on recycled, natural paper, framed, and set on a shelf with soft lighting.

Read on for some nursery decorating tips!

How to Choose Nursery Art

When putting together the perfect space for your newest family member, it can feel like every single detail needs to be exactly right. Welcome to nesting! Know that, whatever you choose to include in your child’s room, what matters the most is the love and care your little one receives and the connection you are building.

That said, let’s talk about creating a soothing environment that will promote connection, development, and rest.

Choose a unifying element and build around it. This could be a color, piece of furniture, or a theme or motif. Once you have that, consider what plays well with that element and what doesn’t. The goal is for the room to be experienced as cohesive, comfortable, calming and accessible.

The ideal space is functional and beautiful. No one wants diapers to be visible front and center, but if they’re not accessible when you need them, your stress level can jump up.

Similarly, nursery elements shouldn’t compete with each other: a visually busy crib should not be in the same room with other huge or busy furniture. Not every element should be loud or screaming for attention.

One reason our prints work in a soothing, sustainable nursery is that it they are deliberately understated — like a warm whisper, not a piercing shout.

Choosing Where to Hang Your Art

Generally, art should be hung at eye level, which averages (for adults) about 57 inches from the floor.

When you hang art over a piece of furniture like a couch or crib, keep these proportions in mind: the horizontal space occupied by the art should about two-thirds of the width of the furniture it hangs over.

If you hang multiple pieces together, consider the outline of the whole group to make up one larger piece.

Should I Hang My Art at Toddler Height?

When planning a bedroom or nursery with Montessori principles in mind, the proportions and furniture should all reflect the size of the person the room is designed for. (See our post on Floor Beds 101!) This includes placing art at eye level for a toddler.

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