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Better Sleep in Less Than a Week: A New Free Course from Oolie

Today, we announce our first, mini-course, Better Sleep in Less Than a Week!

Everyone deserves restful and restorative sleep — but for parents with infants or young children, that can feel like an impossible dream!

As parents, we work so hard to help our kids sleep that we may overlook our own parental need for rest.

In this free, 5-day course, you’ll take simple steps to help you get the sleep you deserve.

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Better Sleep for Parents

I designed this course specifically for parents with young children.

I repeat: This course will help you, the parent, sleep better.

As a clinical psychologist, I endorse using rigorously studied, empirically validated techniques. So this course employs principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I), an exhaustively (ha!) studied and validated approach that I and many others have used successfully with patients.

As a parent, I understand how challenging those early years can be, especially when you’re essentially providing childcare around the clock. Your days and nights are filled with precious moments, but also moments of physical and psychological fatigue.

I can’t eliminate the challenges of parenting, but I can help you get better rest — by introducing you to a few simple techniques. In this course’s bite-sized exercises, I’ll prompt you to examine your current sleep patterns, shift your perspective, reduce tension, and establish healthier sleep habits.

Better Sleep Course Contents

Each day for five days, we’ll email you a brief lesson and an interactive activity.

The course starts with our “Why can’t I sleep?” quiz, to increase your awareness of your own sleep habits. At the end of the quiz, we’ll generate a Personalized Sleep Profile just for you — a written summary with recommendations for which exercises will benefit you the most.

On the second day, we introduce the concepts of sleep drive and sleep efficiency. We show you how to use our Sleep Efficiency Worksheet to calculate your own sleep efficiency — and easy steps you can take to improve it.

On the third day, we look at your sleep environment through the lens of stimulus control. Our Bed Activity Audit will open your eyes to all the activities you do in bed, and we’ll set some healthy limits on what can stay in bed, and what has to be moved elsewhere.

The last two days are all about calming your mind and calming your body. On the fourth day, we’ll try a “top-down” cognitive technique of using your mind to calm your body. We’ll see how thoughts impact feelings and behaviors and increase or decrease overall tension . On the fifth day, we go “bottom-up” with guided audio exercises, using the body to calm the mind.

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Trust — On Your Journey to Better Sleep

We recognize that you’re busy (and tired!), and you’re trusting us with your limited time and attention. Thank you. We are honored to be part of your parenting and sleep journey.

— Nora Murray, PsyD

Photo by Kinga Howard on Unsplash

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