A lit candle glowing warmly on a wooden table top next to some dried flowers

Light a Candle for Peace…

Singing and ritual can bring comfort and feelings of connection in times of uncertainty, fear, and upheaval, to both our children and ourselves.

In some Montessori classrooms, the tradition of “singing peace around the world” offers a concrete way for children to express care and concern, connect with each other, and act as members of the global community.

Musician and Montessori educator Shelley Murley wrote this song and started a movement of children’s voices singing of their wish for peace, from continent to continent. Even as our hearts break for the families suffering in the face of war, we can find ways to express our care, love, and hope

Light a candle for peace
Light a candle for love
Light a candle that shines all the way around the world
Light a candle for me
Light a candle for you
That our wish for world peace
Will one day come true
Sing peace around the world

At Oolie, we believe that what we say and do matters. Even if the problems we face feel insurmountable, we can always step forward with integrity and authenticity.

—Ama Liebke

Photo by Sixteen Miles Out on Unsplash

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