Better Sleep in Less Than a Week: Day 1

Day 1 Activity: Sleep Vulnerabilities Quiz

To get started, take our Sleep Vulnerabilities Quiz — otherwise known as the “why can’t I sleep?” quiz.

Answering these simple questions will help you identify the specific factors that are making sleep so elusive for you. This will also help you get the most out of our course by highlighting the areas where you might get the greatest benefit.

Sleep challenges can have a variety of contributing factors. To address sleep problems successfully, we need to know what’s causing them, as well as what maintains them.

At the end of the quiz, we’ll generate a Personalized Sleep Profile. This report — for you to keep — will list the areas you might want to focus on. For example, this could mean shifting your beliefs about sleep, changing old habits, or trying new relaxation strategies.

Okay, ready to take the quiz? (Scroll down.)

Sleep well,