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The Best Sheets

Did we mention that our sheets are the best? What does that even mean? What makes a sheet “the best”? 

Sheets come in many fabrics, finishes, weights, and textures. We could tell you it’s a specific weave, finish, or fiber, but, to be honest, those are all matters of personal preference.

So what what do I use to make the best sheets?



Parenting Isn’t Ease-y

As a parent of three small children, ease is not a common sensation. We have plenty of joy. We’ve also got curiosity, awe, exuberance, intensity, and excitement to spare.

But ease? That’s hard to come by.

But I know it’s there — even when I’m not aware of its presence.

Ease is with me on a sunny afternoon while I greet my mama friends as we wait for our preschoolers to emerge from the classroom. Ease is there when my one year old tucks his head into the crook on neck and sighs. Ease is what I feel when everyone finally — finally! — falls asleep.

But these brief moments are so easy to overlook. With so many daily challenges and crises, I often fail to notice and appreciate those little moments of ease.

Appreciating Moments of Ease

How can I remember to notice those moments of ease, to appreciate them and draw energy from them?

One strategy is to create visual reminders of ease. This could be anything that you associate with the feeling. Perhaps it’s a photograph or a memento. Maybe it’s painting your room a soothing hue. Maybe, it’s creating spaces in your home that reflect your aspirations for how you want to live your life.

Oolie’s brushed organic cotton sheets are ease in textile form. There are no worries about what they’re made of, or how they were made. Our sheets are sturdy and can withstand frequent washings and dryings. They don’t have to look perfect to feel perfect; ironing isn’t necessary. A little wrinkle only adds to their relaxed charm.

For me, the “best” sheets are those that provide physical comfort and peace of mind — and that’s ease.

—Ama Liebke

Photo by Kinga Cichewicz on Unsplash

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