Five Oolie Shoosh door silencer and safety bumpers, arranged on natural fabrics, showing five different cord accent colors: pink, gold, light blue, deep blue, and gray.

It’s Here! Sleep Better with the Oolie Shoosh

Here at Oolie, we are buzzing with excitement over the launch of our first product: the Shoosh! Over the last several months, we have perfected the product and process to ensure that the final Shoosh lives up to its promise of cultivating a more peaceful home, while also staying true to our values as a benefit corporation and pending B Corp.

What is the Oolie Shoosh?

The Shoosh is a dual-purpose door silencer and safety bumper that attaches to the face plate of any standard door.

Depending on your needs, the Shoosh can either prevent injuries caused by closing doors (bumper mode) or ensure a silent exit from the baby’s nursery after coaxing them to sleep (silencing mode).

The Shoosh is easy to install — but hard for young children to remove! — and adapts to your family’s needs as your children grow.

Silencing Mode

The Oolie Shoosh, installed in silencing mode, preventing any door noise.

Silencing mode is a game changer when you have infants in your home. To use the Shoosh as a door silencer, just install it with the bumper facing away from the door frame. This creates a barrier that both eliminates the “clicking” noise from the door latch, and also absorbs any residual sound from the closing door.

Now you can confidently exit baby’s nursery as you close the door — silently! Instead of “click click click,” you’ll hear a gentle “shoosh”!

Bumper Mode

The Oolie Shoosh, in bumper mode, installed on a door, preventing door closure and finger pinches.

As your baby becomes mobile, it can feel there are hazards everywhere, and doors are a big one.

In bumper mode, the Shoosh is installed with the bumper facing toward the door jam. With the Shoosh in bumper mode, those tiny hands won’t accidentally get caught in a closing door.

Bumper mode continues to be useful as your baby enters toddlerhood. As toddlers’ brains develop, they often test boundaries and push limits. This can lead to intentionally slamming doors when they’re experiencing big feelings or enacting attention-seeking behaviors. Bumper mode eliminates door slamming and keeps your home safer and free from unwanted, noisy disruptions.

The Oolie Shoosh safety bumper, installed on a door, preventing the door from closing and pinching a toddler's small fingers.

Thoughtfully Designed

We prototyped the first Shoosh for our own home, to protect our kids — and our ears! We went through many different iterations to get to what we have today: a beautifully designed object that you’ll be proud to have in your home.

Once we had designed the ideal product to suit our needs, we knew other parents experiencing the same sleep challenges would benefit from it. We knew the materials had to be natural and safe, and the aesthetic understated. We were also committed to ethical manufacturing. Every detail down to the packaging is a decision made with sustainability, ethics, and social responsibility at the forefront. We sought out local and ethical manufacturing options and have been so incredibly lucky to connect with Portland Garment Factory. (Stay tuned for more info on this fantastic, woman-owned business!)

Shoosh Door Silencer + Bumper

Creating a product that checks all these boxes was not easy, and often led to delays. But we knew it was far more important to stay true to our mission than sticking to an arbitrary timeline. We are happy to say that after everything, the Shoosh is a product we are 100% proud of! We are certain it will help parents of babies and toddlers struggling with sleep finally get the rest they need.

The Shoosh will continue to evolve. When you get your Shoosh, let us know how it helps you — and how we can make it even better.

The Oolie Shoosh door silencer and safety bumper, installed on a door, with a black-and-white cat in the background.

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