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Books We Love: In the Garden


Is there anything more inspiring than gardening with your kids?

Watching them dig, water, plant, harvest, and — of course — get very, very dirty. They’re explorers, creators, and nurturers all in one! Gardening engages their minds and bodies — all five senses are engaged in heightened awareness as active participants in their environment.

No book captures this engagement more beautifully than In The Garden by Emma Giuliani, an accessible (and beautiful!), information-packed introduction to the rhythm and beauty of gardening.

Cover of the book "In The Garden" by Emma Giuliani

First of all, this book is gorgeous. Giuliani’s graphic artistry shines through on every page, as she follows siblings Plum and Robin from season to season as they explore and cultivate their own garden.

Every page has flaps to lift, revealing the hidden, inner workings of seeds and plants. As you move through the seasons, we learn all about how and why the organisms in the garden grow, and how they support each other.

Detail view of illustrations in "In The Garden," a book by Emma Giuliani, showing a child harvesting tomatoes from the vine.

We love how this book places trust in children’s inherent curiosity about the natural world and invites them to marvel in the beauty that surrounds us all. 

Purchase In The Garden on bookshop.org to support independent booksellers, and check out Emma Giuliani's other work on Instagram.

Close-up view of lavender blossom

At Oolie, we love the natural world and, as armchair ecologists, we’re constantly reevaluating our own roles within it. And that’s the essence of gardening: understanding how a whole collection of plants, animals, land, water, and air grow together.

A bee is never just a bee; a bee feeds, pollinates, and communicates. It is part of a complex system of interactions between plants, animals, air, and water. Understanding a single bee’s role in a single garden can open our awareness up to parallel insights about our impact on each other and our environments.

As a business, we strive to embody and enact these values through every business decision and — of course — in all aspects of our products, including what they are made out of, how they are produced, and how they are delivered to you.

That’s why gardening is so calming and, er, grounding for me — because it connects to everything I care about. 🌱

—Ama Liebke

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